Punchbowl Bus Company considers the responsible management of environmental issues as an essential component of its business.

Punchbowl Bus Company is committed to implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System that continually improves and ensures that its business activities are:

  • conducted in an environmentally sound and responsible manner
  • comply with current legislative requirements and national standards.

Punchbowl Bus Company shall:

  • assess the impact or potential impact on the environment of existing operations and any changes as contemplated for areas under their control
  • ensure that site specific environmental audits are scheduled and carried out by competent persons
  • maintain adequate hazardous waste materials management and disposal procedure records
  • ensure that the local Emergency Procedures incorporate environmental issues and that the procedures are reviewed regularly and updated as indicated
  • ensure that all accidents and incidents, which pose potential harm to the environment, are reported to the relevant statutory authority, that internal investigations are carried out, and that recommendations arising out of investigations are implemented where practicable
  • identify and utilise environmentally sound, technically acceptable products, practices and services, and where practicable selecting natural resources which can be recycled, re-used or disposed of safely;
  • implement waste minimisation strategies to ensure negative impact on the environment is negligible or prevented
  • ensure that all employees and contractors receive adequate training to perform their tasks in a manner designed to comply with legislative requirements and minimise any negative impact on the environment
  • encourage employees and contractors to adopt a high standard on environmental responsibility in the workplace and off the job
  • implement the Environmental Management Policy in consultation with employees and Health and Safety representatives.

All employees are responsible to ensure that they comply with the policies and procedures of the organisation.