Route Timetable


Route 953 - Hurstville to Connells Point (loop)

Frequencies shown are approximate only. Some journeys may not operate the full length of the route or each day of the week. For specific times please refer to the full timetable.

Bus Route Frequency Guide - to Connells Point (loop)
  Weekdays Saturday Sunday
First bus 6:08am 7:33am 8:55am
Last bus 8:57pm 6:25pm 5:55pm
Frequency (minutes)
AM Peak 15 30 60
Daytime 30 30 60
PM Peak 15 30 60
Evening 30 - 60 - -

Route Description

To Connells Point (loop)

Departs from Hurstville Station (Ormonde Pde) and runs via South Hurstville Shops (Connells Point Rd), Kyle Bay Shops (Kyle Pde), Connells Point Rd & Terry St, South Hurstville Shops (Connells Point Rd) and returns to Hurstville Station.

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Network Map