Service Levels

Punchbowl Bus Company is committed to providing service levels that meet passenger demands and, as far as practicable, integrate with other transport services.

Customer Information

To provide timetable information and customer service information to 131 500, telephone information line, major bus stops, major retail outlets, our drivers, the company office and website:

Passenger Relations

Punchbowl Bus Company is expected to:
  • treat our customers with respect
  • promptly record and respond to complaints or compliments and take appropriate action
  • effectively plan and deal with such things as lost property, lost children and other emergencies in accordance with industry and/or Government guidelines.

Service Review

To survey our passengers and the local community on the bus services provided and to act positively on the information received.


To offer fares and concessions in line within Government requirements.


To gradually replace our fleet with low floor accessible buses with Government timeframes.

Customer Obligations

Punchbowl Bus Company can expect its passengers to:
  • pay the correct fare
  • treat our bus drivers with respect
  • not to use offensive language or cause offence on our buses
  • not interfere with fixtures and fittings or damage the bus
  • not throw anything in or about the bus
  • not to eat, drink or leave rubbish on the bus.

This passenger charter forms part of Punchbowl Bus Company’s Marketing/Passenger Relations Plan.