From 1 July, the number of customers that non-dedicated school buses can carry will increase.

The new configuration of green stickers for customers is based on a ‘keep a seat free’ principle meaning that customers should not sit next to, directly in front of or behind anyone, unless they are part of the same household.

Customers will also be able to stand on buses with floor stickers indicating safe distances. The floor stickers should not be next to, directly in front of, or behind seat stickers.

Buses used only to provide school services are exempt and do not need to use the stickers.

Special rules for school students:

  • NSW Health advice is that children are lower risk.
  • The NSW Government’s policy is to not leave a school student behind.
  • As such, for general transport services, school students will be given priority over other passengers even if this means a service goes over physical distancing capacity.
  • Adults may choose to wait for the next service or get off a service if they are not comfortable with the number of customers on a service.

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