Due to changes to vehicle scheduling there will be minor changes to wheelchair accessible services from Monday 12th March 2018. Please click here to view updated timetables.

Punchbowl Bus Company will operate the following services over the Christmas period.

25th December 2017 (Christmas Day) - Christmas Timetable
26th December 2017 (Boxing Day) - Sunday Timetable
1st January 2018 (New Year’s Day) - Sunday Timetable

Find the Christmas timetable here - View - Download

Punchbowl Bus Company wishes its customers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

New timetables will be introduced from 26 November, including almost 7,000 extra weekly trips across the bus network.

New services will be added to routes across Western Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore and Northern Suburbs, Illawarra and Central Coast.

Region 5 changes from Sunday 26th November 2017

  • Route 450 Strathfield to Hurstville – extra services will be running on weeknights and Saturdays. However, it will no longer run between Strathfield and Burwood.
  • Route 944 Bankstown to Mortdale – extra services will be running on weekdays. However, services will no longer run between Mortdale and Hurstville.
  • Route 946 Bankstown to Roselands – extra services will be running on weekdays. However, services will no longer run between Roselands and Hurstville.
  • Route S14 Mt Lewis to Lakemba – will operate via Beverly Hills Station, Ponyara loop and Cooloongatta Rd.

To improve the reliability of bus services on routes 446, 941 and 946 and to provide better access for residents, these routes will be adjusted as follows.

  • Route 446 will operate via Preddys Rd and Doonan St, instead of Laycock St, Alston St, Stoney Creek Rd and Henderson Rd in Bexley.
  • Route 941/946 will operate via Greenacre Rd and Sir Joseph Banks St, instead of Stacey St in Bankstown.

View the new network map.

Download your new timetables below:

Punchbowl Bus Co deliver on-demand transport pilots in the local community

Sydney commuters are set for even more choice, with the launch of the first ever series of On Demand public transport trials that bring the bus to you.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said the trials were a first for NSW, and would transform the daily commute for people across Sydney.

“We have on demand movies, on demand food, and finally – NSW will have on demand transport,” Mr Constance said.

Punchbowl Bus Co will partner with the Government to deliver one of the eight trials, providing on-demand services to customers in the Bankstown – Lidcombe Hospital area from October this year.

Customers will be able to simplify their commute, by booking a shuttle ride to and from their local transport hub, connecting seamlessly with trains. Alternatively an innovative Park and Ride solution has been created at the Bankstown Paceway to alleviate congestion in an around the hospital. .

Read Transport for New South Wales’ media release here:

The following changes to school bus services will commence on Monday 14th August 2017

  • Beverly Hills Girls High School (S120) – departing Campsie Station 6 minutes earlier at 7:49, arriving at the school at 8:24. (S114) – new service departing the school at 15:08 (excl. Wednesday) with service to Roselands, Punchbowl & Greenacre.
  • GRC Oatley Senior Campus (S124) – new service departing Riverwood Station at 7:47, arriving at Mortdale Station at 8:00 via Route 945.
  • Inaburra School (S124) – this service will cease to operate (S101 will operate unchanged). (S125) – this service will cease to operate (S108 will operate unchanged).
  • Menai High School (S124) – departing Bonds Rd & Hannans Rd 26 minutes later at 7:44, arriving at the school at 8:42. (S125) – departing the school at 15:27 (14:37 Thursdays).
  • Malek Fahd Islamic School (S104) – departing Roselands Shopping Centre 5 minutes earlier at 7:38, arriving at the school at 8:10.
  • Wiley Park Girls High School (S114) – departing the school at 15:21 (excluding Mondays) with service to Greenacre and Chullora via Route 941.

For updated timetables and route maps click the school name links above for timetables, and the school route numbers for maps.

School student travel is restricted to school special services where provided.

Commencing Monday 27 February 2017 Punchbowl Bus Company will amend timetables to reflect an increase in wheelchair accessible services including all trips operating on Sundays and Public Holidays*.

If you currently require a wheelchair accessible bus please check the timetable for the route you wish to travel on using the links below.

bus-iconBus Route NumberBus Route Description
446 Roselands to Kogarah via Earlwood and Bexley North
450 Burwood to Hurstville via Strathfield, Lakemba and Roselands
939 Bankstown to Greenacre Shops via Noble Av and Waterloo Rd
940 Bankstown to Hurstville via Punchbowl, Riverwood, Narwee and Penshurst
941 Bankstown to Hurstville via Chullora, Greenacre, Punchbowl, Roselands, Narwee and Penshurst
942 Lugarno to Campsie via Riverwood, Roselands, Wiley Park, Lakemba and Belmore
943 Lugarno to Hurstville via Peakhurst and Penshurst
944 Bankstown to Hurstville via Punchbowl, Roselands, Riverwood, Peakhurst Heights and Mortdale
945 Bankstown to Hurstville via Riverwood, Bonds Rd, Mortdale and Penshurst
946 Bankstown to Hurstville via Greenacre, Lakemba, South Belmore, Roselands and Beverly Hills
953 Hurstville to Kyle Bay and Connells Point
954 Hurstville to Hurstville Grove (Waitara Pde)
955 Hurstville to Mortdale via Oatley
S14 Lakemba to Mt Lewis via Roselands and Punchbowl

*While Punchbowl Bus Company will endeavour to operate an accessible bus at the time(s) nominated, due to circumstances beyond our control, this service may be operated by an ordinary bus.

School bus services commencing 30th January 2017 are now available by clicking here.

Although there are no changes to specific routes please note that there are changes to some school service numbering (listed below) with all school services commencing with the letter S from this date.

  • Greenacre to Wiley Park Girls HS – 104 now S126
  • Lakemba to Kingsgrove North HS – 105 now S127
  • Punchbowl Rd & Wangee Rd to Beverly Hills Girls HS – 106 now S128
  • All Saints Junior School to Bexley North – 109 now S129
  • All Saints Junior School to St George Hospital – 110 now S130
  • Malek Fahd Islamic School to Roselands – 113 now S131
  • Malek Fahd Islamic School to Wiley Park – 115 now S132
  • Riverwood to Peakhurst South PS – 120 now S133

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Catching a bus and train, or ferry and train is cheaper for tens of thousands of commuters from Monday 5 September with the introduction of a transfer discount for changing modes when travelling on public transport.

The new $2.00 transfer discount will start Monday morning every time an Adult Opal card customer changes a mode of transport as part of the same journey.

Opal card customers accessing concession fares will receive a transfer discount of $1.00 when they change mode on a journey.

Many customers travelling to work and home every day could see their transfer discount save money every week.

This is about making fares fairer for more customers and making public transport more compelling.

The Government has announced that Opal card fares will continue to be frozen till July 2017 which means that fares haven’t increased on buses and light rail since 2014 and on trains and ferries since January 2015.

The Government has stated the changes to Opal are responsibly rebalancing the structure of Opal card fares and benefits.

The transfer discount is a better strategic option for transport when compared to the Opal weekly travel reward free trip which is being changed from Monday as well.

Opal will still keep providing free trips for customers after they reach the daily fare cap, weekly fare cap and the hugely discounted Sunday $2.50 fare cap, but after eight paid journeys the discount will be set at 50% instead of the 100% discount free trip.

From 5 September the single trip tickets will see various increases across modes and bands as recommended by the independent pricing regulator to ensure they are a set premium price that encourages Opal card usage.